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I didn't know I used to blog that much.
I don't know how I stopped.
I'll never know if I'll go back to that level of blogging.

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Whenever I think too much, I feel like I'm going to collapse.

That's why I don't like to think.
And that's why I don't like to do things that make me think unless it's compulsory.

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beck is a good story, but ryuusuke is too serious. they're all too serious.

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o......o t..t puffy died. ami too. and so did the tail chaser. all because of the water.

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my first ever ever ever mahjong game and i gamed. XD

haha. XD
WII is fun. XD

WII expedition 1: Sonia's house.

WII expedition 2: Yuyan's House.

WII expedition 3: Soomin's House.

Technically, expedition 2 and 3 weren't supposed to be WII expeditions. XD were supposed to be New Year visits. and they were, only that we ended up playing WII as well. XD

haha underlining statement: WII was and is fun. XD and tiring. >...<

Thanks you all for inviting me over and teaching me how to play. XDDD

and so. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE! even though it's already the 6th day of it. XD

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i think terrapins have a huge learning capacity, unlike some people. it can climb out of it's tub by itself and climb to my piano without anyone helping or noticing. and they dance to the music too.

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the pufferfish escaped from it's confinement tank through the breathing holes. no wonder it refused to eat it's earthworms, dieting to fit through the hole..

and the guppy gave birth to 5 baby guppies. it was a hellofatime trying to scoop them out of the big tank and putting it into the confinment tank to prevent it being eaten by the other guppies or even the other fish... plants were uprooted, dirt was uprooted, the fries were darting here and there, and it took a long time to finally catch all of them. the last one was caught at around 12 am... >...< and so we're waiting for the other guppy to give birth and have another frenzy trying to scoop them up again.

so can't wait for A's to be really over.

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And so...

Tune-in 2008 is here again!

'Tune In' is an event where the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Band welcomes ALL graduating secondary four band members to join us for a day of fun-filled activities and games. It is also a rare opportunity for people to experience what it feels like to be a member of the ACJC Concert Band.

During the early part of the year, the band held a successful 'Tune In' which saw more than 100 participants from a diverse range of secondary schools joining us for a day of exciting activities and music making. Participants had the opportunity to mingle with other band members from different schools and also with ACJC band members to learn more about being a part of the rich heritage of the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Band.

Banking on the success of the previous 'Tune In', the band will like to present,

Tune In 2

Day/Date: Tuesday, 18th November

Time: 8.30am - 5.00pm

Venue: Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Interested participants are encouraged to approach their respective Band/Drum majors regarding the event. Please get your Band/Drum majors to contact Shermaine at 90488967 to confirm places by 15th November.

Alternatively, if you have further queries regarding Tune-In 2, please feel free to contact Alson at 93259866 or Shermaine.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Let's play a funeral march for the poor Plecostomus which died at the hands of carnivorous African fish in my aunt's tank.

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Sheesh. PW more important than A Level's?! maybe. "but i booked this room for PW" and all you hear is chalet planning. NOTHING to do with pw at all.

LT3 was booked for SEA i believe. and we didn't even chase them out. and they who were graciously allowed to stay with the hopes that they keep quiet enough for us to do our SBQ. and ok. whisper whisper, ups decibels, talk talk, up decibels, shriek shriek. shhh!!! they say. okok. and so. the one who says shhh!!! is actually, the most noisy one. oh great.

and then. _d_d__ comes in. and makes more noise! yay! not. and then. where does the topic go, but to band. hm. i wonder why. and overhears..

_d_d__ (summary): so what if you appeal through cca? you can just say you served your year's worth of service. and why do you need to practice so much anyway? just play when the whole group comes together la.

fuck. you think it's that easy? i'd like to see you try and be good at it without the practice. i wonder how ccas get good results without the students working on it. and i wonder what gives the appealed student the rights to only serve one year when you HAVE to serve your full term. not just one or two years, but your full term. i wonder how you came to be in the school in the first place. by your credit? no. by the cca. and the teachers and instructors and the seniors who believed in you and vouched for you. believed in you to be responsible. and that, in addition to studying, includes being loyal to your cca. i wonder, _d_d__, what happened to tenacity, passion and integrity in the pursuit of truth. how can you teach your students to behave this way. and so the very aggitated me stormed out of LT3 into the toilet to calm down. and went back smiling.

and when alex asked them to keep their volumes down, hoping that it'd actually turn the volume down, i wonder why there's no attempt to quieten down.

_d_d__ (summary): oh. i booked this room (LT3) for pw.

but sir! we had this room booked for history.

_d_d__ (summary): oh you go check with GO la.

yadayada and blahblah... and what gives you the rights to laugh at the J2s who are really working for A Level's? even if you claim pw is important, is it more important than the rest of the A level's? and what gives you the rights to laugh at us? "it is so not funny. soooo not funny." with fists clamped and all. thank goodness that colin came in right at that moment and that alex and eileen were calm. otherwise, i'd probably get into freaking trouble. thank goodness they told me to calm down.

but what gives him the right to do this to us? what gives him the rights to actually disturb the studying J2s? that he booked the room FOR PW and thus have a right to make noise, even when there are students studying? that he is a teacher? i really don't understand how people like him can become teachers. there's no good example. telling a student to just drop a responsibility he is obliged to do? saying that A level's overall not as important as a measely PW? comeon! and what rights do you have, to justify that you have the rights to the room because you booked it for pw, And at no point do you discuss pw, but instead, CHALET? since when was chalet pw? since when? i say since when?

i really nearly just went up to him and do the thing that my dad always does when things that are not right happens. things that are injustices, things that simply defy morals. there was the urge to just talk him down. i know i have the ability to, but since i was still a student, and a exam candidate with my first paper next thursday, not a good thing to do. at all. you never know what these kind of people will do to you, especially with their abusing of their power and status.

poor are the oppressed and powerless.

my my. what an unequal world...

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